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Friday, May 17, 2013

My Son, the Godsend, Part 1

This is the story of a woman who gave up her child for adoption in 1962, when 'having a child out of wedlock' was viewed much more differently than it is today.  After longing all of her life to find him, she was ultimately re-united with him and his family.  I am that woman and I have decided to start this story in the middle and work backwards as I post each day...  then forward to the triumphant day when I first met him!
My Lost Son
My son, the unknown own,
My secret, my sin
My heart now desires
To hold you in.
For years I have suffered
Immeasurable pain,
How I could leave you
I can’t explain.
It seemed I has no say,
No will;
I unknowingly swallowed
The bitterest pill.
I’ve grieved so intensely
For your lost touch,
The sorrow I bear
Is almost too much
Great grief overwhelms me
And as I weep,
I pray the Lord,
Our souls to keep.


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