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Monday, September 2, 2013

Sculptured Nails

I had my nails done;
I just had the urge.
They’re sculptured and painted,
(I decided to splurge!)
They’re filed and strengthened,
Tended and cleaned,
Buffed, shaped and lengthened,
Polished and creamed.
And when all completed
And fully displayed,
I posed them before me,
Artfully arrayed,
And with a bold confidence,
Not previously known,
My hands took on a life of their own!
They fluttered and flitted,
Carelessly flicking,
Gestured and waved,
Nails noisily clicking,
And I felt like a woman 
Wholly transformed,
As my hands, like dancers,
Gaily performed!

I’ve worn sculptured nails
For a week or more.
I’ve tallied up points, 
and here’s the score:
Three nylons snagged,
Two boxes unopened,
Four pop tops unlifted,
Two nails broken!
One half hour wasted.
While touch up was drying,
Another nail chipped;
(I’m reduced to crying!)
So though it’s been fun,
I’m beginning to see,
I’m afraid fake nails,
Are really not me!

Judy Borman Harding

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