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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Now is the Time!

 I originally started writing this blog as a memoir, in which I would explore the major themes of my life: early childhood abuse, unplanned pregnancy, interracial marriage, estrangement from family, mental illness, my spiritual journey, etc.

But today I have been diverted to a subject I hadn’t planned on exploring:  DEATH.
When I discovered, through blog tracking statistics, that many of the 3,000 people who have read my blog, did so because they Googled "poem for a dying friend," which just  happens to be the title of a poem I posted,  I began to think more about writing  about my own experiences with death. 
I will be writing this week about:

Death of a pet 

Death of a teacher
Death (suicide) of a student 
Death of my son's friend  
Death of a neighbor, 
Death of a close friend, 
Death of my mother
Death of my father
Death of a friend’s child  

Writing is a strange disease!  It is at once the affliction and the balm.  Those of us who write with transparency about even the most difficult things is our lives do so, I suppose, for cathartic purposes, but also to hopefully enlighten and assist others who have gone through similar experiences.
With that in mind, I commit for the next few days, to explore my own experiences of death in the hopes that my vantage point of age and wisdom may be in some way provide healing for my readers.

Tune in tomorrow for the first installment, Death of a Pet

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